Motherhood Finally Paying Off

Hey, you know how some people say you have to wait until the kids are grown, have good jobs, and can afford to take their elderly mothers on fabulous safari vacations to see any pay-back from this whole mothering gig?
I gotta say, those folks were wrong. (Sorry, Mom.)
All ya gotta do is write about the little darlings.
That’s right, I just placed another essay in Parentwise:Austin, out next month. This one is about Cameron, my own Mom, and the dark days of colic.
You know that expression “Someday you’ll look back on this and laugh”?
I think I might have punched someone who said that to me when Cameron was an infant. I’m sorry. You were right, whoever it was.
Believe it or not, I wrote a funny essay about the Devil Baby, and I’m going to take my Mom out for a whole lotta margaritas when the check comes in!
Now, isn’t that a nice Mother’s Day gift? I thought so!
For those of you who have been keeping up with my book submissions:
I have Soccer out there, swimming against the tide of rejection (actually, I’m getting huge positive response so far, but I’m not gonna blog about it and tip my hand yet!), and the next-to-last PB I wrote, The Best Grandmother Ever Contest, is getting some positive attention, too. If you are near and dear, and haven’t yet been subjected to — I mean, haven’t been a beta reader for any of the above, let me know! I also have another FUNNY PB, S.O.S. from S.U.E.. ready to go. I’ll start sending it out this week…
I’ll post the Parent:wise link as soon as it hits the stands!

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  1. Shelli Cornelison

    Can’t wait for the updates on those subs and the positive feedback. Keep writing.


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