My Daily Walk to the Idea Factory

I have so many ideas I can’t get them all into document format fast enough.
For some reason, the picture books (PBs) have taken over my brain. I finished a church-themed one — don’t judge until you see it! — this week. It’s funny, like all the rest. It’s titled “God Is Watching You!”
So, I was doing research into where to submit this thing. Real research, checking the websites of every single Christian pub out there. I know them all, since I worked with their books for the last decade, right? Every single one is shut tight to un-agented subs. And I looked at practically every recent Christian PB in print — not one with the angle that this book has. Not one! Do you know how rare that is? Thus the “argh!”
I SO need an agent. If I didn’t have to do all this online hacking around, I could have written my Newbery-winner yesterday. (I don’t have to write “Just Kidding” for you, do I?)
So, today I’ll write another PB that sprang fully formed from the head of Zeus, I mean Nikki, last night. This one is for Drew, a story about a little boy who pesters his Mom for so many stories that she runs out, and starts saying “Duhhh…” Then he has to fill her back up with stories of his own until she’s back to normal.
Pretty much like my life.
I did write some more on “Comportment Camp” yesterday, for those nieces/nephews/sons out there who have been pestering me. It’s coming, don’t worry.
Oh, if you’re wondering about the title of this post? I get most of my ideas on my walks around the neighborhood. If you’re not careful, I’ll post my poem about the Muse here. It came to me on a walk that turned into a run to get home in time to remember it all.
But then I would be one of those bloggers who posts her poetry on the web. Oh, the horror!
Off to write….

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  1. Nikki,

    Hi. I followed you over from Cynthia Lui’s blog. Don’t ask how or why I came here, I’m not sure myself. Point is, I have an AMAZING agent. Like totally the best ever. She’s just BARELY got herself back in the kids market, so she’s not listed as a children’s agent. She used to work for Curtis Brown, before she went off on her own. I snagged her with a YA series that’s being looked at by publishers now, and then continued to write. I’ve been writing like a madwoman, you have no idea… Except every book I’ve written since the YA series has been for MG or children. So she’s just taken a refresher crash course and learned the ropes again for children through me. She already knows ALL the editors that deal with children’s books so it was pretty easy.

    Would you trust me to read your MS? She gets a lot of people querying her, but if I find something I think she’ll love I contact her personally and tell her about it. Anyway, what i’m saying is I’d like to reccomend you to my agent–if I like the work. No guarantees though, she’s amazingly sweet but will say no, if it’s a no. This definitely isn’t something i go around doing–stalking random strangers blogs and offering to recommend them! LOL! But if you’re up for it. Look around my blog (That’s linked to my name) and you can see if you trust me! LOL! You can contact me through my website (it’s linked to my blog)


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