The Kindness of Strangers

So… what a strange weekend so far! I wonder what will happen at church on Sunday. (I’m giving the children’s sermon, and you know that means all bets are off. It could devolve into utter chaos!)
I had the strangest thing happen — strange-nice, not strange-creepy — yesterday. A very lovely and talented writer (whose name I won’t mention until she gives me permission!) emailed me. She had found my blog, noticed my whining for an agent, and very sweetly offered to read my manuscript and send it to her agent, if she liked it. I know there are no guarantees that she or her agent will like it, but the thought of such kindness and generosity with her time, her skill, and her professional contacts… Wow!
This is random, too — as I was reading her writing samples on her website, I noticed that she was writing a MG book for girls, and that every time one of the girls said “OMG” she presented it as “OMGosh”. Now, the reason I mention this is because I have been thinking about the expression “OMG” for a week or two, and how much I hate it that everyone uses this expression so casually. I mean, it is the Lord’s name right? Even though I’m an ex-youth director (whose youth had to pay a quarter every time they cussed or took His name in vain), I still get this weird little tic in my eye when I see this written.
So there’s this lovely writer out there, who somehow noticed me, and she happens to care about the “OMG” issue.
How cool is that?
Now I’m off to revise a PB or two. More later this week — I’m expecting a lot of news on my submissions in the next two weeks or so.

Posted in Children's Fiction on 04/25/2009 08:48 pm

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  1. LOL! You’re welcome to use my name. And I’ve always had SERIOUS issues with the OMG issue. Especially since it seemed like the world was Leaning towards “gosh” as cool, until OMG came out. Then of course now everyone assumes it’s the Lord’s name in vain. Grr… BIG ISSUES. That’s why I made sure I’m making my own acronymns. hehehe! I love writing for that purpose! it’s awesome! All at once I can be a role model and example to tons of kids without ever meeting them. It’s so nice to see that others out there care too!


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