$6.99 Bottle-Of-Wine-Bad Day

Bad day. Bad, bad day. Twisted my knee at the gym (um, so about those 2 aerobics classes I said I’d sub for next week…?), took the kids — including my doctor-phobic, tantrum-prone son — to the doctor for shots, and ended with two of my precious youngest son’s goldfish turning up dead and half-eaten at the bottom of the tank. Ick. There was hardly enough of them left for a decent toilet burial.

Definitely a wine night. Of course, living way out here in the sticks, there’s not a lot of choice. So I’m drinking cheapola pinot grigio from a plastic cup, and wondering… can I have a mulligan on today?


Posted in Miscellaneous on 07/24/2009 10:48 pm

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  1. Shelli Cornelison

    Oh, Nikki. My house is such a short drive for a decent bottle of wine. I was in Houston and there was a very nice bottle on my counter, just ripe for the cork poppin’. I guess that screw top was probably less dangerous anyway. I could have at least Pony Expressed over some Motrin the next morning.


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