Road Trippin’

Adios, Amigos/Amigas!

I’m off on a road trip tomorrow! For those of you who are feeling jealous, let me clarify: A 23-hour road trip to Ohio, with my two sons, my mother, and my mother’s aptly-named chihuahua, Booger.

Not so jealous now, are you? Ha! It will be fun, I just know it. I’ve packed Tylenol, carrot sticks AND chocolate, and enough DVDs to turn my kids’ brains to mush by Cincinnati. Of course, Mom loves Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, and John Denver to the extent that it might be MY brain in jeopardy by then.

I have so much going on with my writing, it’s crazytime. But as this site is being checked out by the darling agents who have my full manuscript out, I must refrain from emoting here. (Yes, I see your furtive little nighttime visits, you sneaky varmints! It’s all there, on my blog stats page. I love you like family, each and every one of you. But would it KILL you to call me once in a while?)

I DID erase the sample chapter of Soccer Failure, since it was a very early draft I had posted for family/friends to read, and (gulp) I noticed it was being read by others. So, just comment if you want to read something. I’ll send.

I wrote drafts of 2 new picture books this week, and sent an essay off to a national mag that looks VERY promising… more when and if it gets picked up.

Oh, yeah… the new essay? Here’s a quote from my beta reader/sister. “It’s hilarious! It’s so good… wait, has Mom read this yet? She’s going to KILL you!”

Bah! It’s so much easier to ask forgiveness than permission, right? Who knows? I’ll probably have more to write about the woman when we get back.

Happy Summer!

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  1. shelli cornelison

    Definitely better to crawl back later for forgiveness rather than wait for permission. By the way, how did the beheading storytime work out with the kiddos yesterday?
    That had to be better than your haggis bank segue!
    Safe travels!


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