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Happy Labor Day! We’re celebrating at my house by not laboring, and not going into labor (ever again), and pretty much sitting around eating ourselves sick on homemade chocolate-chip-oatmeal-toffee-raisin-walnut-pecan cookies while we play Super Smash Bros Brawl/Flight of the Hamster and/or troll around the internet looking for funny sites.

And I found a doozie. You gotta check out the review site, Books I Done Read, especially the review of Evermore. This may only be funny if you suffered through the Twilight series, and I don’t recommend reading those just to get the joke, but if you don’t LOL for real at least once…. you are a hardened soul. If you are a writer of MG/YA books… bookmark this one. I did.

Now I gotta go finish the hard labor of letting my toenail polish dry.

Posted in Miscellaneous on 09/07/2009 08:44 pm


  1. shelli cornelison

    Just what I needed, Nikki — another blog to read! But how do I not? She’s hilarious. Only now she announced she has thyroid cancer so now I also have to worry about her, too. You evil ultimate distraction provider! Just wait ’til I see you tomorrow and load you down with books you need to read. Ha! You won’t get anything done for weeks… 🙂


    • Nikki Loftin

      Shelli — what makes you think I’m getting much done anyway?
      Yanno, I could probably write more if I had better chocolate. Make it so, Number One. See ya tomorrow!


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