Black Turtleneck and Beret Time

Hi, y’all!

Well, I was going to post about how I finally gained literary legitimacy when a poem I wrote was accepted for a literary journal this week. (Ah, yes! Finally a win I can tell my old grad school writing buddies about. Ha!) And that did happen, sure, and I’ll blog about it later, ’cause that’s exciting.

But more exciting yesterday was winning a scholarship to the Backspace Agents and Authors Conference! I sent pages from my newest middle-grade novel (Escape From Comportment Camp) and a query… and I got it! Huge thanks to Collen Lindsay for hosting this on her blog.

Squeeeeeeee!!!!! So, I’ll be going to New York for November 4-7… and I might even bring Dave (on photosafari) if I can procure childcare for my very (ahem)  well-behaved sons. Anyone up for watching them for four days?



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  1. April Coldsmith

    Hey there and Congratulations! I also entered the contest but didn’t win. Darn. But I’m still going to the conference. If your handsome husband can’t go with you, would you like to share a hotel room? I’ve already booked airline tickets but I’m in the process of booking the room. If not, let’s at least hook up at the conference. See you soon, April
    PS – Atticus and Blythe are doing well!


    • Nikki Loftin

      April, How fun! I’ll talk to Dave. I’m booking airline tix today, so I’ll know by tonight. Thanks for the offer — I’ll email you!


  2. Lisa Iriarte

    Hey Nikki! Congrats on the win. I saw your post over at my blog. I’m bringing the hubby to Backspace. Kids are staying with Grandpa. I’m looking forward to meeting you and the other winners. We’re really coming from all over the country. It should be very exciting. I’d love to hear more about your writing and your process.


    • Nikki Loftin

      Hi! Thanks, I can’t wait to meet you either. I’m bringing Dave, and my parents are watching the boys as well. It should be fun. I hope you’re getting some agent buzz already!
      Ha! My writing process? I’m a total pantser, Lisa. And I can’t even type. You’ll laugh your head off.


  3. Lisa Iriarte

    Hmm. I was a pantser. Now I’m a plantser. I type very fast, but used to prefer doing everything handwritten in a notebook first. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can write directly on the computer.

    Actually, I’m most interested in where you are in the “route to getting published” process. I have a finished manuscript, have had it for over a year, actually. I’ve been editing and revising since summer 2008. The agent search has gotten me requests for fulls, but no agent yet. Jury is still out. I’ve won a couple of contests (glancing at your blog, I see you have as well.) One got my foot in the door at Tor publishing. I’ve got a nice connection there. And I was extremely fortunate to build friendships with several published authors who have read and critiqued for me, and one who adopted me as her student.

    I saw that you’d published some poetry. Congrats! Have you published anything else?

    I’ve been trying to connect with the other two winners, but can’t find them on the net. Have you had any luck there?



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