My Dark Secret

Okay, I’ll admit it. I like Miley Cyrus. Well, one of her songs anyway. You know the schmaltzy one, It’s The Climb? Yeah, I know. If I belonged to Mensa, they would yank my membership. I’m a little afraid my more sophisticated friends (all two of them) might judge me harshly. But my writer buddies? They’ll understand.

In fact, I think this song may have become the unofficial anthem for the unpublished novelist. Go ahead, writers, listen to the song. Watch the video. Own the lyrics. Be Miley.

Update: My essay, Homemade Doughnuts, came in third in the Houston Writer’s Guild essay contest! A little bit of glory, but no cash. Still happy –seems there were HUNDREDS of entries.

And there’s more: My essay, titled The Best Days of Our Lives, will be included in the March 2010 anthology, A Cup of Comfort For Mothers!!! (Up until today, it was a finalist — but I made the cut. Woo hoo!)

Posted in Essays, Miscellaneous on 09/14/2009 04:49 pm


  1. Yay for you on all the writing honors!

    And I hear you on the Miley, but I physically can’t make myself click on that video link. I’ve been trying for 5 minutes and it ain’t happening.


  2. Shelli Cornelison

    Yeah, I find myself singing along with that one on the radio, too. No worries – if you’re riding with me, I promise not to sing. You’re welcome.

    Congrats on placing in the Houston Writer’s Guild contest! And congrats again on the anthology and puppet play sales. Loving the good news. Keep it coming.


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