A Nice Surprise + Werewolf Abs

A perfect weekend. Yesterday we celebrated Dave’s birthday with a dinner at Eddie V’s and a night in the Hyatt Regency on Lady Bird Lake in Austin — free babysitting courtesy of Aunt Lari. Yay Lari! Yay free babysitting! (Of course, we took a side trip to the Alpha & Omega gallery to see Dave’s and my mom’s photos in their current exhibition. Gorgeous.) Today began with a walk on the Hike and Bike Trail, brunch, a trip to the bookstore, a movie at the Alamo Village and then… contributor’s copies in the mailbox. A short anecdote/essay I wrote about my awesome grandma is in the December issue of Presbyterians Today. A nice surprise!

(What movie, you ask? Um, that would have been New Moon. I have two words for you people: Team Jacob. I have never felt more like a nasty old cougar in my life, and I don’t care. Middle-aged women gasped out loud in the theatre when he took his shirt off the first time, and giggled every time after that. Really, a pretty horribly acted movie, if you were thinking about the acting. Which I wasn’t. I was thinking about the abdominals. Yummy.)

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  1. A nasty old cougar! You kill me. I’m Team Jacob even in the books. Yep, the movie was terrible. I actually think R.P. can probably act, but maybe the series wasn’t meant to be adapted (O for 2). Your grandma sounds like a hoot (I think that’s a word I got from you).


    • Nikki Loftin

      Ha! That’s exactly what I felt like, no kidding. But I’m getting over my shame. When is the next movie coming out? 😉
      My grandma is a hoot. And she’ll be ninety in January!


  2. Yeah, so I’m actually not Team Jacob – I really hated him in the books – but I must admit when Edward took off his shirt near the end and I had to compare his pale not so great abs to Jacobs, all I could think is “ew”


  3. Nikki Loftin

    Suzie — that was it precisely! That moment where you had to compare the two shirtless guys… and you really want to like Edward more, but… no. No. You just can’t.
    Waiter? Could we please have some more werewolf, now? Yes. Without the shirt. Thank you. Mmmmmmmm.
    I can’t talk about the books. I’m so conflicted. They’re bad for me. I know I shouldn’t like them… but I can’t… stop.. reading … them….
    Um, that would be RE-reading them at this point, BTW. Sigh.


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