A Christmas Gift for Children’s Book Writers

Ho Ho Ho! Here’s a link to a funny, fun video put together (and performed!) by a phenomenal picture book author, Kim Norman. Her newest book, Crocodaddy, is darling. Did I mention she’s also a critique partner of mine? (Okay, mostly she critiques my sad little picture books. When she sends a manuscript to the group, I have a hard time finding anything to say other than Wowza! I’m learning to live with it.)

Not only does Kim write amazing books, she also sings beautifully (see video), keeps a helpful and informative blog, and gives the best school presentations ever. Seriously, if you need help with those, New Authors, visit her site. She’s got a lot of helpful info up.

So… a role model, I guess you could say. Go watch the video already! Merry Christmas!

Posted in Children's Fiction, People I Love on 12/17/2009 02:44 am

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