Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas Eve, Blog Friends!

It’s cold in Texas today and getting colder — beginning to feel (at last) a bit like Christmas. I got a stocking stuffer this week already — an essay of mine will appear in The Ultimate Christian Living anthology, out next March. Yay! (Of course, Santa may have to work a little harder next year — what I asked for was a book deal) 😉

To all my friends, family, and cyber-stalkers: I hope you all get the gifts you asked for. Here’s a little something to read while you’re wrapped in your blanket/Snuggie/arms of a loved one. Grab some hot cocoa, and have fun reading Nikki’s Christmas Letter (as usual, written by Dave. Thanks, Dave!).

Stay warm, sing carols, and hug everyone you can. Tonight’s Little Baby Jesus Night — it doesn’t get any better than this.

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  1. I enjoyed reading the fam Christmas letter. Your vacations sound fabulous!


  2. Nikki Loftin

    Thanks, Lindsey! I’ll tell Dave:-)


  3. Jackie Taylor

    Great newsletter I can’t believe where the time goes. Ben goes to secondary school this year and can’t wait. He is now going into scounts and receieved his silver scout award in Spring this year and is working towards his gold and then the duke of edinburgh award in scounts


    • Nikki Loftin

      Cool! My boys are in Scouts, too. Dave is their den leader. I mostly try to avoid going on the camping trips, but I’m helping out a bit with Tigers this year.
      Secondary school? I forget how your system works, must go ask Dave. Love, N


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