A Contest (or two) for You

Oh, Writer Friends, I wasn’t being flippant in my last post. I do adore you. And so, I will share the following with you all: One of my agent-sisters (Suzette Saxton) is having a contest on her blog, with some very nice prizes. The grand prize is a 40-page partial submission WITH critique with Mon Agent Extraordinaire, Suzie Townsend. Seriously, go sign up for this now! Or before March 14th.

Those of you who know me well also know I have a sort of obsession with silent auctions. There’s one going on right now that no one seems to know about. I bid on quite a few items, and felt so guilty at the thought that I might get them without any competition at all… So, I’m sharing the site with you. Go ahead, overbid me. It won’t be hard. There are amazing things/books/critiques available here, and it all goes to help a new independent bookstore in Utah, Fire Petal Books.

Unrelated note: Right now, my sweet husband is upstairs reading the latest draft of Raymond. I think he was worried I loved my Betas more than him, and he wanted in on the hot Beta love action. Smart man. 😉

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  1. See, THIS is why I want a new book done. I want to win these auction things. But, do you see what time it is? I’ve been up writing (and critiquing :)). No, that’s not smudged eyeliner. Those are authentic dark circles under my eyes, happily earned.


    • Nikki Loftin

      Lori – I’m sure you look gorgeous, smudged circles or no. Thanks for reading my latest!


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