Book Fairy!

Ah, bliss! The Book Fairy came today. But her teeth look pretty sharp.

Let me explain. I received three pacakages in the mail from a silent auction I went bidaholic on a few weeks back. Many, many books from that moneysuck, I mean, worthy charitable donation opportunity,  are now or soon will be in my possession. My mailbox was stuffed full of enormous yellow packages. Love that feeling: imminent pleasure. (Um, wow. That sounds a little more exciting than the reality. LOL)

Also, my good friend Shelli went to the TLA Conference in San Antonio and picked up a bunch of ARCs for me! (I’ll be reading those and posting reviews as time permits this spring.) Her thanks for doing so: not having to bring any food to Literary Salon meetings for a month. Fair deal, right?

So, I have an enormous stack of books on my bedside table… and another one on my computer desk… and another one in my kitchen. Honestly? They’re getting a bit unmanageable. In fact, they’re starting to look a bit less imminently wonderful, and a bit more scary. Any of you ever experience anything like that?

I’m afraid the Book Fairy wants to take an enormous chunk out of my time. My writing time, that is. To which I say: Back off, Witch.  I just got back in the groove – cranking out 5,000 + words a week on my latest project —  and I refuse to let anything pull me off track.

Oh, wait. The stack on my computer desk just fell over. (Not kidding; this actually happened.) I’ll have to go now and pick those books up. Am I strong enough to resist? Maybe just a chapter or two?

Help keep me honest. I’m up to 16,800 words on the WIP. If I don’t report 21,000 by Friday, shame me publicly. Please. And whatever you do, don’t send me any more books for a week or two!

Write well, Friends.

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  1. I think the book fairy is stalking you! 5K a week on your project is fantastic! I’ll do that on my next one 😉


  2. Rebecca Behrens

    Heh heh–I know the feeling. I just opened a cabinet today and found seven ARCs piled inside. Better to have to many books to read than too few–except when you have a WIP!


    • Nikki Loftin

      Rebecca – Yes, that would be my problem exactly. The ARCs take away from the P in my WIP.


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