Stay Tuned For Public Shaming

Okay, today is the big day. I have a Writer Friend who has agreed we should hold one another accountable for reaching a certain number of words on our WIPs each week… and today’s the day we show what we’ve got. Only, I haven’t *quite* reached my magic number, so it’s a head-down, fingers aching, three cups of coffee, “kids, make yourself dinner” kind of day.

If I don’t make my quota, I’ll link to where you may witness my public humiliation (and this Writer Friend is very witty and clever, and will probably think of horrible ways to shame me. Eek!). If she doesn’t hit the mark, I’ll be up all night writing horrible things about her.  Some of them might even be true.

While you wait, trot on over to Austin YA writer and writing instructor Brian Yansky’s blog, read through a few posts, and learn to your dismay *exactly* what it is you’ve been doing wrong all these years. (What? I have to show character development in EVERY chapter? Khannnnnnn!!!!) He’s a darn good writer and writing teacher, and shares the goods for free on his blog.

Write well, Friends!

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  1. Are you kidding me? I just took a quick break from writing and THIS is up? OMG, I’m going to have to put all those adverbs I cut back in. No, I’m close. My hair is going to look like hell for tonight’s big school fundraiser shin-dig. I may even show up in my sweats, but at least you won’t be shaming me. I hope. How many words do you have? Back to work.


    • Nikki Loftin

      Lori – I didn’t even NAME you! You’re taking the surprise out of the shaming. We’re neck-and-neck. But we have a few hours left until the end of Friday, right? Right? Now back to writing.


  2. Well, your blog’s time stamp is out to get you. I hope you’re checking a real clock. 🙂

    I was going to finish this present tense revision today but I’m spent and I only have 26 pages to go. It’s so frustrating but I’d rather revise well than fast. I guess. I’m supposed to want that anyway, right?

    Good luck on your word count. Personally, I think Friday and Saturday are theoretically one day. Just a rationalization hint from the queen.


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