What Do I Want? More Yummy Demons

I am hip-deep in revisions on the current WIP, thanks to my amazing Beta Reader Lori (who shall heretofore be called The Ultimate Authority, To Be Obeyed At All Costs), and spending the rest of my time volunteering at Cub Scout Camp*with Cama Rama Ding Dong and The Drewber. (Okay, they ticked me off, so I get to spread their pet nicknames online. Petty, I know. But I do feel better now.)

The problem with being so busy, and knowing I need to crank out an awesome manuscript SOON, is that I can’t start reading a new book. If I do, The Novel Progress Express will jump the tracks and land on a beach with a ten-foot-tall TBR stack and a bunch of mojitos. So, instead, I’ve been allowing myself tasty little bite-size fictional treats.

You have to try this one! My agent-sister, Lisa DesRochers, has a book coming out in September, and sh’es posting sneak peek chapters on Tuesdays. Perfect! Check these chapters out for Knowledge On How To Write YA Openings With Mucho Sexual Tension. (Make sure you go back to June 15 for chapter one.)

Glad I don’t write YA; I would probably get depressed. As it is, I’m loving her yummy MC. Mmmmmmm.

*Camp Hell-On-Earth, populated by screaming fifth graders who think squirting me in the butt with a water pistol is nifty. I don’t even mind, because the temperature has been approximately 97 bazillion degrees in our all-outdoor-mostly-unshaded camp site. Ugh. So why am I still having fun doing it? Masochism?

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  1. Enjoy your water-gun blasting for the rest of the camp. 🙂 And thanks for the link to Lisa’s blog and her chapters.


  2. I just went and read Lisa’s opening chapter. Whew! Another one to add to the TBR pile. I feel ya’ on the Novel Progress Express. Must, must finish this first draft by this weekend. Personal goal, so I can get back to the *other* WIP. Have fun at camp. Yipes!


  3. Eek! I know what you mean about being busy. I’m feeling a little crazy myself! And ah, yes, PD love. Luc is just divine. Er, well maybe not exactly. But he is really hot.


    • Nikki Loftin

      Crazy busy? Can’t imagine what would be keeping you busy! 😉
      Thanks for your part in bringing Luc into my consciousness. Yum.


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