And Now for Something Completely Different

Oh, Friends, what a week! I’m still hip-deep in the current draft of Holy Toast, and your manuscripts with their pretty little notes saying “read me! crit me!” are piling up in the inbox, but I had to stop the craziness to introduce a little bit of news.

First, the story I wrote for and sold to Boy’s Life magazine last year IS HERE!! It came out this week in the October issue, with gorgeous, funny, dark illustrations by Michael Slack. My contributor’s copies have already gotten dogeared from the boys schlepping them to school and back. (Okay, and me showing them to everyone I can.) The thought that yesterday over a mllion boys in America (and elsewhere) got the magazine that has my story in it makes me all goose-bumpley. How cool is that?Also cool was my son realizing that in addition to many of the characters’ names being those of his real-life friends, the narrator was HIM. (Although he is never named — it’s a first-person POV story.)

Ah, and for something completely different? THIS. Just to balance out the soccer mom-ishness of the Boy’s Life story.

Not a bad week, all told. *grin*

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  1. Yay! Congrats Nikki!!!! I must go out and by this magazine!!!


    • Nikki Loftin

      Thanks, Suzie! But stop – I have a copy to send to you if you can wait a few days! 😉


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