Going Dark

Oh, Writer Friends. I am having So Much Fun today. The kids are burning their little retinas out with unlimited screen time, Dave’s at work, and I am writing a New Novel.

A very creepy, dark, funny, horribly inappropriate novel for small, impressionable, unsuspecting children to read. It’s got a possessed doll, a hypochondriacal main character with a yen to live dangerously, and a sweet little homeschooled neighbor girl who happens to be the daughter of one of Satan’s most trusted minions.

I’d be ashamed if it weren’t so fun to write.

Why a new dark and creepy one? Well, La Agent Extraordinaire tells me that’s what she thinks is going fastest these days… and I just so happen to be in the mood to supply that demand.

So, anyone else out there finding yourself “going dark?” Is it the zeitgeist? Is it the Muse? Or is it middle grade kid lit being infected by the YA darkness? (Why do I see the Nothing when I write that?)

I’ll be back in a few days with my New Year’s Resolutions. Until then, check out this amazing blog post by my Writer Friend Lynne Kelly. Read it all! It’s smashing, baby.

Posted in Children's Fiction, Miscellaneous on 12/29/2010 11:11 pm


  1. What a fun one, Nikki. Shred it, girl. Can’t wait to hear more about it.


  2. Sounds like you’re on a great path. Books like May Bird and the Ever After, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and A Tale Dark and Grimm are such scary fun!


  3. Thanks for linking to the blog post, Nikki!

    Your new novel sounds fabulous! In a dark and creepy way, I mean.


  4. Spill that ominous ink, you wicked writer. LOL Can’t wait to read it!


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