What I Plan To Do With My Summer Vacation

Good morning, Writer Peeps! Just checking in to give you the status update and ask a question: What do you think I should do with my summer vacation? Specifically, I’m talking about the part where I Go Away (and Leave My Kids and Husband) to Write Somewhere All By Myself!

My mom sold the family home at long last, and gave me a bit o’ cash to spend in a very specific way (gotta love moms and those strings-attached gifts!). I am to spend it on a writing retreat or conference. So… where should I go?

No, I can’t go to Chautaqua – I’m booked that week.So, maybe LA SCBWI? Or maybe this retreat at Ghost Ranch? They’re very different – one is a famous conference full of lectures, fun and frivolity and the other a quiet retreat where I might be able to actually work on a project. *ahem*

I have one free airfare, and enough money for ONE of these if I eat cheap. 😉

So, weigh in!

Update: I’m writing at least a thousand words every single day these days, so the New Novel is coming along apace. I have one of three Betas’ MSs returned, and am working hard on those others. Don’t be sad if I haven’t finished yours yet! It’s coming.  *mwah*

This weekend is the local SCBWI meeting, where the incomparably lovely Jessica Lee Anderson will give a talk. I can’t wait! Now, I have to go to the dentist. That should give me lots of suppressed pain and anger to torture my characters with later today… Write Well, Friends!

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  1. Ghost Ranch!!! I’ve heard SCBWI L.A. is amazing, but have also heard it can be overwhelming. I prefer the SCBWI retreats and day workshops myself. Go where you CAN WRITE!! The Ghost Ranch one looks so cool.

    P.S. One of three betas!?? Holy cow! I read two this week (but I’m on a teaching break) and will be all clear to read yours when you’re done, so keep writing! If you need to switch to be one of my Round Two betas, let me know.


    • Nikki Loftin

      Lori – Don’t worry, I’m working on yours now. It might take a bit so let me know how you want it. Bits and pieces, or wait until the end? Ghost Ranch does look like fun… Wanna join me? 😉


  2. I know SCBWI LA is amazing. I’ve heard so many accounts of its awesomeness. I’m sure you’d love it but also sure you’d get no writing done there. Ghost Ranch looks BEAUTIFUL and like the perfect place to write. (and I’d love to hear a firsthand account of this retreat…)

    Can’t wait to hear which you choose!


  3. I vote for the place you can write! Ghost Ranch sounds awesome. 🙂


  4. Of course SCBWI LA is awesome, but I wonder how many times you get a whole week to just be and write?


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