Book Launch Party Planning

I know quite a few authors now, and all of them have different stages of the publishing process that really appeal to them. Some of them (sickos) love revision, some go all gooey at the thought of seeing their galleys/ARC/finished book on the shelf at B&N. Me? I spend most of my daydreaming time planning for my book launch party.

That’s right. I’m party planning for next year. Don’t laugh. If you’d written a book about a school with haute cuisine in the cafeteria, and bowls of candy on every desk, you’d have some ideas, too. (Where can I get small, golden bowls for the M&Ms I MUST give out to my partygoers? Anyone?)

Of course, the book also touches on the possible cannibalization of small children, so that opens some interesting culinary doors. No, I’m not planning on serving my sons up as spare ribs! But gingerbread cookies with names? Small, child-sized, lifelike fingers and toes made of marzipan?Yesssssssss.

I am a very sick woman.

I’ve been attending book launches like a bride goes to wedding expos — with a gleam in my eye, and a notepad handy when I see great ideas. I’ve seen a lot of amazing launches – I do live in Austin, after all, so we’re lousy with talented authors who throw amazing parties/launches at our local Indie, Bookpeople.

I’m thinking of having more than one launch – why not? I had more than one wedding reception! (Three actually, one in Scotland with all those lovely boys in kilts. Dude, I got some wear out of my wedding dress.) I want to support my local library, so I’m thinking of doing a summer program there, with a contest for kids to design their most elaborate, magical school cafeteria menu… or playground… with prizes (donated signed books?) for the winners, and food for everyone.

Enough food to fatten up all the children, at least.

Can you tell I’m excited? What can I say: I’m a party girl.

So, what is your dream, Writer Friends? Are you a Contract in the Mail type? An Advance Check dreamer? A secret Newbery Fiend? What keeps you writing through the rejections and the revisions?

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  1. I’m a book-on-the-shelf dreamer girl. Of course, I have a few plans for my launch party, too. Yes, that would be the launch for a book that isn’t even under contract yet. Shhhhh… 🙂


  2. Me too – dream of one day seeing my book at Barnes and Noble.

    Love the marzipan finger and toes! Makes me picture little gingerbread boys and girls with terrified icing expressions…


  3. Love the marzipan finger and toes! Makes me picture little gingerbread boys and girls with terrified icing expressions…


  4. Eeep book launch planning is such a scary idea. Maybe I should do tea….

    My dream that keeps me going? Probably the hope that one day in the distant future I’ll write a book worthy of ahugo or some such, and until then, I just have to keep writing or I’ll never get there.


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