Freaky Flash Fiction

Happy Memorial Day, Writer Peeps! I have good news. Not only do I get to sleep in tomorrow (what, that doesn’t rate as good news? Does for me.), my very first flash fiction story came out today in Flash Fiction Online. It’s short, weird, and — dum dum dum! — Young Adult.

Oh no! NOT middle-grade? Hide your sons and daughters!

No, seriously. This piece isn’t for all ages. But for you? Yes! My favorite part of the story is the comment from Suzanne at the end. I was bouncing up and down, like, “She got it! She got it! I must have done something right because this reader got it!”

Which reminded me (I’m not sure why) of an excellent post about reviews my agent-sister Hannah Moskowitz had on her blog this week. Read it. Hannah’s so smart, and funny, and wise. Listen to her, book reviewers!

Of course, then I had to Google myself to see if *I* had any negative reviews floating around out there… and I found a review! A very strange one, but lovely… I think. Or maybe not. Of a poem I had published a year ago, in Front Range Review.

Here’s the link to the review. If you scroll down alphabetically to Front Range and read my review, can you please leave a comment and let me know — is “clear, pungent juice” a good thing in a poem, or a sign that you might need some antibiotic cream?

Here’s to publication, and reviews, and all the attendant strangeness that this writing life brings with it. Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. What a fun, smart story. I love the way you write.


  2. love your blog. Keep on going!


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