Sign #473 of the Apocalypse

Dear Hearts and Gentle People,

I did it. I bought an e-reader. A Kindle, to be specific, and I still feel kind of dirty and ashamed. It’s not here yet. Will it arrive wrapped in brown paper, so none of my neighbors will suspect?

As one of my friends said, I’ve gone over to the Dark Side.

Oh, well. I hear they have cookies.


Nikki “The Technophobe” Loftin

For your listening pleasure.

Posted in Miscellaneous on 05/02/2011 01:15 am


  1. Angela Withrow

    Let me know how you like it… i love the feel of a book in my hands… but have tempted to look into getting a kindle myself…

    and Congrats! I will be patiently awaiting for THE SINISTER SWEETNESS OF SPLENDID ACADEMY to be released next year…

    Take Care,


  2. I’d be interested to know how it reads, too. Although I did just read that the Kindle got top spot in a preference poll in TIME magazine.
    And, you know .. the whole you-can-buy-my-book thing. That’s nice.


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