Wonderful News for My Dear Writer Friend!

What a lovely week! Why so lovely? Well… I spent mine in the Caribbean, cruising around, petting dolphins and paddling near white sand beaches. Hard life, I know. But right before I left, I also found out some amazing news!! Shelli Cornelison, one of the people I love the very most in the Entire World, whose manuscripts I have critiqued and adored, whose children I have taken on mission trips, the woman who took me to my first SCBWI conference and force-fed me chocolate and encouragement when I was about to Give Up on the Whole Writing Thing a while back… just signed with her agent.

Congratulations to Karen Grencik, of Red Fox Literary. You probably don’t know yet how lucky you are to work with Shelli Cornelison. But you will.

Oh, frabjous day!

In Other News: As if that weren’t enough, I got home to an email from my own darling agent, with positive notes on my Next Manuscript! The Dark House will be on its way to Editor L so very, very soon.

And, um, while I was on that cruise? I snuck in some writing time. I’m in love again, Writer Friends. In love with my own words.*sigh* and LOL

This one will be tragic and dark, fairy-tale-ish and magical realistic, beautiful and heart-breaking. I. Can’t. Wait.

But I will have to. I’m leaving for the AROHO conference in New Mexico in four days!! Laundry, laundry, laundry…



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  1. Thank you, Nikki. You are so awesome. HOORAY! for The Dark House update! And Hooray! again for the WIP!

    I’m so jealous of your upcoming retreat, especially since it’s in New Mexico, where it will not be 109 degrees — but so happy you get to go. I know you’ll write wonderful words there and I’ll get to read them when you come home. 🙂


  2. Say hello to my Susa Silvermarie. I think she will be at AROHO with you. Bravo, Shelli. Cheering for you!!!!!!!


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