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Hiya, Writer Friends!

I’m writing up a storm on my Work-in-Progress. It makes me so sad (this one’s a doozy), I have to stop and eat massive doses of chocolate just to get through the day. (More than usual, I mean. Which is saying something, folks.)

Of course, then I go teach Zumba classes to ward off Writer’s Butt. (Yesterday, one of my class members commented on how much we were sweating. I wiped off my forehead and said, “Sweat? This isn’t sweat. It’s the blood of a thousand vanquished M&Ms.” Real life dialogue for the WIN!)

The week started off with sadness, as two of our sweet pet chickens died horribly. Then I got a bit of lovely writer news — a poem accepted into a new anthology put out by Mutabilis Press for poets with ties/connections to Texas and Louisiana. The anthology comes out rather soon, and I’ll post a link here when it does.

And then there was some other Happy News I can’t share until later in the week! Intrigued? You must wait!

I hope you all had Happy News in your week. And no dead pets, because that part really sucked.

Now, I’m off to torture my characters yet again. Huh. Where’d I put those Snickers bars?

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