Vlog Fail…?

It’s been an interesting day in Nikkiland, Writer Friends.

I spent an alarming amount of time working on my Very First Ever Vlog (Or Video Blog, for my technophobe friends), for which I actually put on makeup, changed clothes, and tried to speak intelligently.

It probably would have helped if I'd planned out what I was going to say. GO PANTSERS!

And failed. I did so many takes, it was ridiculous.

Why was I failing so awfully, so often? After a while, I figured it out.

It wasn’t vlogging I was particularly bad at. (At least I don’t think so.) It was that I didn’t want to vlog for YOU.

Now, don’t go storm off in a huff. I AM going to vlog for you, Dear Writer Friends. Someday soon, probably. But the particular topic I had chosen to vlog about this time was a topic I very dearly wanted to talk about — just not to Grown Ups. I want to share this thing* – and this whole SET of related things – with kids.

It shouldn’t surprise me, I know. After all, I set out to write Grown Up Books years ago, and found myself three manuscripts into a middle-grade career before I realized I REALLY wasn’t going to be doing a whole lot of romance novel-writing. At least not at this point in my life. *grin*

So, why should it shock me – or anyone- that my audience, the ones I really want to address — are nine to twelve-year olds? Even when it comes to vlogging, apparently.

It shouldn’t. But this blog isn’t the exact right place for this new set of vlogs. So, while I’m cooking up some plans for Cool Other Internet-y Things where I can have lots of interaction with my audience, I’ll leave you with a question:

Who is your audience, when you are writing — or blogging, for that matter? Middle grade kids? Young Adults? Toddlers? Other Writers? Or –dare I say it? — Agents and Editors?

And have you ever questioned who you have chosen to write for/speak to?

Lots to think about, Writer Friends.

*thing= cool lessons for kid writers on how to become a writer with amazing Super Powers, like the power of Revision, Submission, and even Termination. It’s going to be so awesome.

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