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Good Monday morning, Writer Friends!

Most of you probably heard about the devastating wildfires earlier this year that virtually destroyed the town of Bastrop, Texas, not far from where I live. It was a horrible time for so many – and continues to be, with years of rebuilding ahead. The Bastrop Library didn’t burn down – thank goodness – but MANY books were checked out when the fires came, and the homes they were in were consumed by the fire.

So the library needs books (and/or money, of course). And, on their December 10th Open House, they plan to give the kids in the community two gift-wrapped children’s books…. since, in addition to the checked-out library books, the children’s own books were also burned up.

Wow. Think about that. We have a town full of kids who have NO BOOKS. And a library who wants to give those kids books. And us, reading about this, and wondering what we could do.

Do this:

Send your checks, made out to the Austin SCBWI  with Bastrop Library Fund written in the memo portion of the check, to ASCBWI, 709 Wood Mesa Ct., Round Rock, TX 78665. Book donations can be sent to that address, as well. (For more details, read this post at the Austin SCBWI posted by our excellent RA, Debbie Gonzales.)

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we all have a lot to be thankful for, right? Why not say a big old THANK YOU to the libraries that helped you grow into your Awesome Writer Selves, and give to the Bastrop Library.  Or to your own local library!

Keep on writing!



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