The Perfect Writing Day

On the best writing days, it rains.

It’s cold outside, just a little, so I’m not tempted to venture out. My favorite pajamas are clean, and I keep them on until at least noon.

I have my special tea – the cinnamon/orange/clove stuff, along with my insulated infuser tea pot, and one of my fancy schmancy, Jane Austen-y, bone china tea cups.

My dogs sit quietly at my feet. My big dog only smells faintly of skunk.

The phone doesn’t ring.The Internet is boring and holds no magic for me.

I know what I’m planning to write about. Not every word, but the next chapter or two.

When I get to a place in the manuscript that needs a little research, I can find the information I need in seconds. I get to research old fairy tales and witchcraft and call it working.

The writing goes fast. I produce thousands of words without it feeling forced or tiresome. I re-read what I’ve written, and it sounds… if not good, at least like something I can work with.

I think about my story all through lunch, which happens to be the very best of leftovers from a home-cooked meal.

I have enough chocolate (Lindt Intense Orange Dark bars, to be precise) to help me get over that afternoon slump.

The perfect writing day. That’s what it’s been like today, Writer Friends. Go ahead, be jealous.

But you don’t have to feel too jealous. I’ve never actually had two of these in a row.


So, what’s the perfect writing day for you?


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