One Month Left: Bookish News

Well, friends, I’ve been shopping! Which I normally hate, but this is sort of fun shopping – for my launch party! All sorts of exciting raffle prizes to match the theme. (Um, a whole CASE of candy bars is one of the prizes. So, yeah. It’s going to be awesome. Unless you’re a parent. Then you’re going to hate me, if your kid wins. And did you know they make these three-foot-long, three-inch-diameter rolls of Twizzlers? Yes, they do. I’m looking at one right now. Raffle prize #2.)

Not much to report this week, other than one more very nice review from Kirkus Reviews. You’re not supposed to quote the whole thing, but someone very kindly posted it in its entirety on the Barnes and Noble page for my book, so here you go!  Go ahead, read it. I’ll wait.

I KNOW, RIGHT? So amazing.

I can’t decide if my favorite quote is “deliciously scary and satisfying,” or just “irresistible.”

Now it’s time to go read! I’m reading the amazing WONDER by R. J. Palacios, and an early ARC of SUMMER AND BIRD. Gorgeous so far. Which shall I pick tonight…

What are you reading?

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  1. Oh, wow, Nikki! That’s a fantastic Kirkus review!!! How I wish I could come to your launch!


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