Book Launch in 3…2…1…

THREE DAYS! And that’s if you count today, which totally shouldn’t count, right?

Oh, wow, I just turned into a five year old waiting for her birthday. I can’t help it, though. It’s all very exciting.

In case you were wondering what a middle grade author does on her final few days before publication, let me enlighten you.

This week, Tech Support Guy and I have been working on the Sinister Sweetness book trailer, which is going well, I think. The boys have helped me stuff about 300 small golden bags with M&Ms for party favors next Saturday. The fridge is full of hundreds of marzipan fruits (which I did NOT make, thank you very much), and the freezer is loaded with hundreds of tiny, sugar-sand frosted cupcakes (complete with miniature bones poking out of them, which I DID make). I dug out the embarrassing family photos for the PowerPoint presentation, and I’m choosing the VERY short passage I’ll read on Saturday.

I still haven’t figured out everything I’m going to say. I’m afraid I’ll get nervous, and it’ll be “bjlgarglflrablemarfhsdurh.” But I’ll try to be slightly more intelligible.

So, between all that, and the thousand other things I’m too tired to mention, and getting ready for back-to-school with the kids – I’m crazy. But it’s a good kind of crazy.

And I’m overwhelmed with all the blog loveliness that’s coming my way!

If you want to win a copy of my book, there are quite a few places you can enter this week:

1. The Mod Podge Bookshelf

2. Badass Bookie: Debut of the Month (check out my truffle dress)

3. YA Reads

4. Jen Ryland/YA Romantics

And — just in case you’re local enough to attend — the Austin-American Statesman newspaper has a lovely review and details on my launch party here.

What an amazing week! I hope you’re having fun, too. And writing? Which I am, sadly, not doing. *sigh* I’ll get back to it soon. I miss my WIP… 🙂




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  1. Blast Off!!!!! It’s going to be fabulous!


  2. That’s so exciting. Can’t wait to read it. I’m writing – the blog which is writing itself since I’m copying out of my mother’s journal. But I AM taking some art classes which is fairly exciting. Hope to see you soon…


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