Small Signings

One of the things I’ve heard other writers fret about is the dreaded poorly-attended signing. From what I’ve picked up, this usually happens in a town pretty far from the author’s home, at a bookstore that either didn’t advertise the event, scheduled it against some major community festival/football game/shindig, or is a cursed venue for some reason (maybe they offended a zombie priestess or the local coven).

I know I’ll have one or more of these in my future. But recently, I’ve been a part of two small signings – intentionally small – that were sheer joy as an author to attend! Both of these were house parties, hosted by a person I knew well, and to which she invited her close circle of friends. People brought their own books for me to sign, and the hostesses provided a few more (which at least one of the gals bought from our local indie, Bookpeople! Yay!). There was wine, food, reading, signing, and wonderful questions in an intimate setting.

I know time is an real issue for authors (you see how spotty my blogging is getting? That’s for a reason, folks! So… busy…), and large events can seem like the best use of that precious time. But those are the places my friends warned me about – big, impersonal at times, and not at all sure to draw a crowd.

I think making time for small signings may be a very good idea! Want one-on-one time with your readers, and their parents/teachers? Try one! You’re guaranteed the most comfortable chair in the house, and you might even get a sidewalk chalk drawing to welcome you in!


Welcome to Splendid Academy!

Welcome to Splendid Academy indeed.


The artist!

The author and the artist

A Splendid spread!

A Splendid spread!

EAT! says the sand

EAT! Wait, don't listen to the sand!

First at the party

First come, first served! Hmmm... that sounded suspicious.


So, new authors out there? Every once in a while? Go small. (No matter what I said last week.)

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