Where’s Nikki? Everywhere.

Or at least it feels like I’m everywhere this month! I just finished doing a handful of amazing festivals, library conferences, school visits, and book clubs this month.  (I’ll attach a bunch of random pictures below, just for fun. And also because I haven’t had time to do blog posts for each of these!)

My book’s also been a few unexpected places – like the Seattle Mystery Bookshop’s October Bestseller list. Woohoo!

But, back to the crazy appearance schedule. Next up? The launch party for the amazing anthology, Dear Teen Me. A bunch of authors (me included) are teaming up to make this either the most amazing or the most awkward book shindig ever. I mean, it has to be awkward. We’re revealing our teen secrets, and wearing our old prom dresses.



Join us! Or heckle, or whatever. At The Book Spot, in Round Rock, Texas, at 6 p.m this Saturday.

Or wait, and see a whole bunch of super duper Texas authors (and me, too) at the Texas Author Day in San Marcos, on November 18th. I’m excited about this event – so many authors I can’t wait to meet!

And that’s it until December, when I will be reading my adult, literary poetry at Bookpeople.

I know, I know. I can’t wait to see what that will be like either. Anyone have a black beret and turtleneck I can borrow? Mine are too small. (I’ve got to lay off the M&Ms…)

As promised, here are my random pictures!

Talking to awesome fans at the Book Spot!

More Book Spot loveliness...

My kindergarten teacher showed up for this! It was AWESOME.

Um, yeah. Me and AVI at the Texas Book Festival party. Oh. My. Gosh.

The absolutely delightful Apocalypsie Kristen Paige Madonia signed her debut book for me!

I have decided there aren't enough underpants in my books. And not enough inflatables at my appearances. 🙂

I have a million and a half more pics… but I’ll leave them for next time. I’ve got this book I’m supposed to be writing RIGHT NOW…

Bye, friends!  Write well…



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