Pictures of Writerly Goodness

I’ve been having so much fun the past few weeks! Too much fun to update my blog, honestly. But here I am, with pictures to make you jealous… or inspire you. Or to stare at when you’re supposed to be working. (Am I getting closer?)

So, this month I’ve been doing Official Writer Things. First off, the Lodge of Death Writing Retreat, where I spent time with some amazing writers (who are also some of my favorite people in the world).

I need fabulous author Jenny Moss to live next door to me forever. Love her!

Samantha Clark and Jo Whittemore look appropriately impressed at Salima Alikhan's reading.

Writers in the front... dead things in the back. So much death at this retreat...

We ate, we drank, we wrote, we read… we stared at dead things.

With some lipstick, it could work as a metaphor for some of my old manuscripts.

Then, I spoke on the Third Thursday panel for the Writer’s League of Texas at Bookpeople with Brian Yansky, Patrice Sarath, and Wendy Muse Greenwood.

Brian is the one on the far left.

Also present (as moral support) was the super fabulous Cynthia Leitich Smith, who hates it when people post photos of her on their blogs.

But it's such a great picture. How can I resist?!


And to wrap up, I presented at a local elementary school for two fifth grade classes, who were amazingly polite, attentive, and prepared.

Barton Hills is awesome!

I have a bunch of other events coming up in the next two weeks, including a school visit in League City, the Montgomery County Book Festival, and… oh, I don’t know, my line edits for Nightingale’s Nest to finish?

BUSY ME! I hope you’re having as much fun as I am, busy or not. Write well!

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