School Author Visit: University Edition

In my writing life, I sort of expected to get the chance to speak with kids about my books. Because, you know, they’re FOR kids and all.

But life has a way of surprising and delighting, and this week I had the chance to speak (and listen) to a group of students who were all smarter than me. Or at least better educated. But possibly both. 🙂

Wow! Those are really mature-looking school kids! But with excellent taste in literature.


Also, quite possibly, they knew my book better than I do. This class, taught by Professor Nancy Roser at UT Austin, chose my book to be a part of their “Grimm transformations” studies. They read my book in advance, and had questions and comments. Okay, I was prepared for this. But they had read it like they were planning to write their theses! And they’d thought so deeply about my story that I was humbled. What a gift!

Thank you Professor Roser, and thanks to your Language and Literacy Studies class as well. You made my week!

No surprise this woman has won a ton of teaching awards. She's amazing!


Do you see the cups of M&Ms, Skittles, and popcorn on the tables? Themed! Not shown: the gingerbread and lemonade.

Dr. Roser even made a slide with my picture next to a bowl of Moolennium Crunch ice cream. LOVE!

I ran from this event to a signing at the Barnes and Noble in Northwest Austin – busy! But super fun. Then I danced at the Texas State Capitol for the One Billion Rising event on Valentine’s Day. Political Action + Dance= Awesomeness.

Next week? THREE school visits. Eek! Hope you’re staying busy, too, friends!


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  1. Nikki,
    You skped eith my class on World Read Aloud Day. My teacher is Mrs . Allen and we begged her to get your book. I am going to get it at the library. WE <3 YOU NIKKI!!!



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