Montgomery County Book Festival Fun!

As promised, I have pictures from the Montgomery County Book Festival I attended in The Woodlands, Texas last weekend. Wow, those festival organizers sure knew how to treat writers well! The food was great, there were parties and amazing teen volunteers, and parents and kids who liked my gruesome humor. 🙂

And they had zombies.

I kissed a zombie and I liked it. LOL

Here’s the rest of the pics – enjoy!

MoCo had the cutest book bloggers ever!

My amazing Tween panel: Bethany Hegedus, Jo Whittemore, and my new BFF Kimberley Griffiths Little!

So glad I had the chance to warn this kid about his teacher's possible menu plans...


... and by menu plans, I meant something like this.


Whenever I see Maria Cari Soto, I laugh this hard. She's funny! And has the best shoes ever.


How does Cynthia Leitich Smith avoid wrist pain, with all the book signings she has to do for her rabid fans? Aspiring minds want to know.

I met Jonathan Maberry, author of the ROT AND RUIN books, and consummate gentleman. Honestly, this guy is wonderful.

So THAT was fun! And tonight is the Austin SCBWI conference! Seriously, I have the best job in the world.

And I got a new book idea last week, too… a very cool, horrifying magical one…




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  1. Looks like a fantastic session.


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