We Have A Winner! (And My Book Is One, Too!)

Okay, the names were printed out, cut up, thrown into a bowl, and my kid drew the winner of the Sara Squared Blog Tour… and it is Shelli!

Congratulations, Shelli. You’re going to LOVE these books. I know I did!

And, in Nikki News this week… I may have also won a little thing. (Well, my book won.)


I was jumping for joy! Not only was my book competing against some of my very favorite books published last year (No, seriously, check them out. SO. Good.), but this was an award I used to dream about winning, back before I even had a single finished manuscript to query. Thank you tons and tons, Dear Writer’s League of Texas. You are my favorite ever.

(Oh, my gosh. This means… I am officially an AWARD WINNING AUTHOR. I will have a t-shirt made to commemorate. It will be made of gold threads and unicorn hair. I will wear it until I die.)

So, a very good week! I also finished another draft of my third book, sent it into the hungry jaws open arms of my agent, and I’m tucking into two manuscripts this week – one to blurb and one for a critique partner.
Oh, and also? Getting back to work on my Wholly Inappropriate YA Delightful Secret Project, which I call Buckets of Blood.

So much to be happy about, so much to look forward to! I hope you’re feeling as unicorn-ish as I am.

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  1. Congrats on winning the award! So sweet! 😉


  2. Congrats again on the much deserved win. I can’t wait to read these books!


  3. Oh my gosh. How did I miss this? Congrats, Nikki. So richly deserved!


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