Nightingale’s Nest ARC Winners! (Yes, two!)

Merry Christmas! And an especially merry one to Erica and Lori, whose names were drawn by my eleven year-old son to win copies of my next book! (Now, you both need to send me your email addresses. 🙂 )

(I know, I was only going to give away one copy, but I’m feeling the spirit of Christmas this morning.)

Lori and Erica, I hope you enjoy Nightingale’s Nest. And anyone else who entered, didn’t win, but would still like some swag? I will send stickers to you if you email me your snail mail address.

Ho ho ho! Now, off to wrestle that Hyperbole and a Half book away from my teenager…

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  1. Hooray! I’m so excited to read this book.


  2. Mary Alexander

    Snail me at 4547 Ave. A #101 Austin TX 78751 or just bring it to
    Zumba any Tue or Thur. I am not biking right now.


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