Ready or Not, 2014 is Here!

And I am SO not ready.

The paperback for Sinister Sweetness releases in about two weeks.

Nightingale’s Nest releases at the end of February.

My first round of edits for Book #3 (Wish Girl, but the title is one of the “edits.” I’m taking suggestions) is due February 15.

The School Visit and Conference season begins in January…and never stops.

And… this month alone I have a Cotillion Ball for one of my kids, and a Major Goat Show for the other one. Two family birthdays, company staying from overseas, and a Pinewood Derby.

*sob* I resolve to… go back to bed for a month?

It would all be Much Too Much, except that lovely things like this article by Anne Ursu keep popping up… and this Best Reads of 2013 list… and this Books to Watch For post…

It almost makes me not quite so panicky and awkward-feeling. Almost.

Thank goodness for that lovely Billy Collins book I got for Christmas! Poetry makes it all better, somehow. This year, I resolve to read more poetry.

I think that’s a resolution I may actually manage.

Happy New Year, friends! I wish you a thousand happy beginnings.


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  1. You are amazing, Nikki, one who does ALL THE THINGS–and does them all well! Happy 2014!


    • Nikki Loftin

      Sweet Vonna, thanks for the pom pom wave! I need some extra hands this time… or a time turner. But it’s a ll good!


  2. You forgot zumba!!! I cannot wait for the release of Nightingale’s Nest! You’re amazing, and you can do this! I believe in you!


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