World Read Aloud Day 2014: Share the Love!

Last year I participated for the first time in Kate Messner‘s author sign-up for World Read-Aloud Day. I had so much fun, I couldn’t wait for it to come back around – and here it is! Happy World Read-Aloud Day, friends. I’ll be Skypeing with classes from all over America – Wisconsin, Illinois, and all over Texas!

I hope you take some time today to read out loud to someone you love (it can be a dog or a goat, anyone, really). And maybe you could even take a few seconds to tell someone who thinks they/their kids are “too old” for reading aloud that you never outgrow the magic of stories.

You just forget.

I hope you all remember today that dizzy, thrummy, glorious feeling of being loved, paid attention to, cared for… read to.  And share it with someone else. What would the world be like if, instead of arguing/bickering/fighting, we read aloud to one another those books that changed us, formed us, made us into the people we are?

Happy reading, friends!


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  1. Definitely will be reading aloud to the kidlet tonight! I try to every night, but last night it didn’t happen as he’s got croup and just getting him bathed and in his pj’s was an epic chore! =)
    And what a cute illustration for it.


    • Nikki Loftin

      Oh, so sorry about the croup! Both my boys had that, it’s scary-sounding. 🙂 Hope you get to read soon!


  2. My daughter used to lie on the floor drawing while I read to her. War and Peace and Brothers Karamazov.

    She grew up to be an art major.


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