Exciting Events: Signing, Reading, Prize-Giving at Boulder Bookstore

Hello, friends! I’m here with the FINAL Exciting Events blog post for the week – not last because I’m done with Exciting Things, but because my editor sent my Exciting Pass Pages and I have to triple-check them for Exciting/Heart-Attack Inducing Typos and Last Minute Changes. Eek!

But before I go off into the editing cave once again, here is an Exciting Event for any of you living near Boulder, Colorado! Please come out on Wednesday, August 6 at 6:30 p.m. for a reading/signing/goodie bag grabbing/prize winning event that will feature nests, family members and writer friends at the amazing Boulder Bookstore.

The staff at Boulder Bookstore have been incredibly supportive of my books, and I plan to return the favor by buying a squintillion books there. Come join me! I promise, if you do, you will be as happy as these pigs:

Okay, this is probably the last vacation picture I'll post. I couldn't resist. Baby pigs.

Okay, this is probably the last vacation picture I’ll post. I couldn’t resist. Baby pigs!!!

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