Middle Grade Authors Love Teachers!


Do Middle Grade authors really love teachers?

Of COURSE they do! Heck, I permanently thanked at least ten of them in my last book, Nightingale’s Nest, by hiding their lovely names in it like eggs in a nest.  But it’s not enough. So, I’m delighted to be a part of the Big, Huge Book Giveaway that the uber-lovely Lynda Mullaly Hunt came up with for Valentine’s Day!

Teachers, I am participating in a signed book giveaway with a whole bunch of my middle-grade author friends who have recent, brand-new, or about-to-be-published books. Check out these sixteen–count ‘em, sixteen–books:

Pretty cool line-up, eh? If you’re a teacher, librarian, or reading specialist (basically any type of educator), and you want to be entered to win signed copies of all these books, all you have to do is one of two things:

1. Click here to leave a comment on Lynda Mullaly Hunt’s blog,
2. Tweet about the giveaway and use the hashtag #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers

Your name will be entered into the virtual hat, and we’ll draw the winner at 11:59 PM on Wednesday, February 18th. If you win, you’ll receive signed copies of all these books–not all at once, because some of them don’t publish until March or April, but won’t it be fun to get multiple packages in your mailbox?
Good luck, and I LOVE YOU!

(Oh, and if you love YA, too? Check out the #YAAuthorsLoveTeachers giveaway here or here! Same rules, same time frame, same oodles of love.)


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  1. Maureen Messier

    Thank you for such a fantastic giveaway. I hope I win!


  2. Irene Kistler

    What a great list! I’m ordering them all for my library.


    • Nikki Loftin

      Wow, Irene! You’re wonderful. Thank you, from all of us! (And I’ve read some of these books already, and they ARE amazing. I can’t wait for the rest to come out!)


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