Why I Didn’t Answer Your Fan Mail (Um, I DID)

This isn’t a blog post, exactly, but an attempt to get in touch with the lovely young reader who has sent multiple emails to me, sharing thoughts on Wish Girl and asking all sorts of questions.

I got those emails, Kaylen, and I emailed you back, but it seems you are not getting my responses! I’m so sorry. Sometimes kids have wonderfully protective email addresses that don’t allow responses from good-strange author people. This makes me happy for those kids (this means they are not also getting emails from bad-strange Internet people), but sad to think that my responses are lost. Even sadder is the thought that possibly, those readers think I am ignoring them.

So, listen up, everyone: If you email me, and don’t get a reply, either try again, or send a real letter/snail mail to P.O Box 26, Dripping Springs, Texas 78620. And I promise, you WILL get a response.*


  • TBH, every once in a while, my computer eats one of these lovely emails, too. So just send it again! Or mail. Or send a pony express. Or just a pony. I’d love a pony.


In other news, my mail carrier brought me a special package yesterday! It’s a little hard to read here, but it’s a gorgeous glass award from the Writer’s League of Texas for my book, Nightingale’s Nest. Thanks, WLT! You made my day.


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