Dinosaur Boy Saves Mars: Worth Fighting Over

Hi, y’all! I’m popping in today to leave a review about my friend Cory Putman Oakes’ newest book, Dinosaur Boy Saves Mars. She very graciously gave me a signed ARC copy to give away here as well!


The only problem is, when my youngest son saw the ARC sitting on my desk, he yelled, “There’s another one?! Woohoo!” and ran away with it.

The first one, which we BOTH loved.

The first one, which we BOTH loved.

Then he growled at me when I told him I needed to read it for this post.

Drew reading DinoBoy

Then he took it to school because “I can’t stop reading now, I’ve finally found a favorite book and you’re taking it away? What kind of a mom are you?”


And even last night, when I thought I could skim the first few chapters at least, the kid proclaimed “I will die if I don’t finish this tonight! Please don’t make me go to bed.”


So, that’s all the review I have… but I think it might be enough. 🙂

I’m sure he’s finishing it this morning at school instead of doing his work, and I’m looking forward to reading it soon. And then I’m looking forward to sending it to one of YOU!

So, any North American reader on this blog post who leaves a comment (idea: favorite funny book that kept you or your kids up reading at night) will have their name put in the hat, and the kid will pull the winning comment on February 13, the day of Cory’s launch party at Bookpeople!

Happy Birthday, Dinosaur Boy Saves Mars. I know I’ll love you when I get my hands on you.


UPDATE! The contest is over and Julien is the winner! Julien, send me your address and I’ll mail the ARC to you.

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  1. This book looks cool! I would like to read it!


  2. I would love a copy. I am all about getting books that motivate reluctant readers. And my go to book as a kid was the Babysittrs Club. ?


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