Making an Even BIGGER Difference: Reading Rock Stars & Amplify Austin

Hi, friends!

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to go down into the Rio Grande Valley in Texas as a part of the Reading Rock Stars program.


I presented alongside Carmen Tafolla, Jon Scieszka, Steven Weinberg, Diane Bertrand-Gonzalez, and more fabulous authors and illustrators of books for kids.

Steven Weinberg and Bear

Steven Weinberg and Bear.

Diane Bertrand Gonzalez giving out books to happy kids!

Diane Bertrand Gonzalez giving out books to happy kids!

This is an initiative put together by the Texas Book Festival, where authors partner with the TBF and other major sponsors to visit schools in underprivileged schools or areas, and provide every single child in the school with a free, signed book.


Every kid. For many, it’s the first new book they’ve ever had.


It’s mind-blowing and heart-melting and makes the hard days of being an author worth every second.


Today and tomorrow, if you would like to support the Reading Rock Stars program, you can do so here, and have every dollar you donate matched by a generous donor through the Amplify Austin program. It’s only up for TWO days, March 8 and 9… so thank you for your speed, your generosity, and for helping make smiles like these a reality next year, too.


Thanks, friends!

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