So Much Sunshine! Florida, China, and Rainbows in Texas

I am delighted to announce that my book was selected for the Florida Sunshine State Young Reader’s Award for 6-8 graders! They made a very cool video, too. With music! And fancy graphics!

If you watched the video, you discovered precisely WHICH book they selected.

Not this one:


And not this one:




Yes. The creepy, sinister book that was my debut novel in 2012. WOW! I am utterly delighted that kids all over Florida are going to be reading about the food, the witches, the mysteriously hypnotic playground sand…. What an honor, and what a surprise! I’m tempted to trot off and finish that scary manuscript I secretly drafted last November. Maybe they’ll be hungry for MORE.

In other news, the Chinese edition of Wish Girl arrived! It’s titled Thank You, Dear Valley (in Chinese of course) and it’s got illustrations! Glorious ones, and I am in love, and desperately wish I could read Chinese so I could see what the translation is like. The whole book looks like art. Annie would approve.



And now, I’m heading off to the big TLA conference in Houston. The world is full of rainbows today. I hope it’s that way for you, too!


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