A Spring Full of School Visits and Conferences

Wow! There’s a lot going on this spring for me, so much that it’s hard to do it all, and find time to write all the books and keep the kids fed and alive… I’ve pretty much given up on make-up and wearing anything other than pajamas. The kids have learned to cook, and we’ve all decided not to mention the dirty laundry piles.

Frightening? Yes. You might consider staying far away.

But if you are looking to say hello to me on a date I’m guaranteed to have on real clothes and possibly even makeup, come by one of my signings at the huge TLA Librarian’s Conference on April 20-21 (more detailed times to come), or at the Austin SCBWI’s annual writing conference on May 14-15.

I’ll actually be presenting a talk there, titled Unforgettable Settings in YA/Children’s Literature: How to create them, and why we must. It will be unforgettable and mind-blowing and potentially life-changing.

And I’ll also moderate a panel on Poetry with the illustrious and eternally lovely Liz Garton Scanlon and the whip-smart and truly lovely K. A. Holt.

So, fun times! And speaking of fun… although I have a few more school and library visits coming up, I have to post some photos from the ridiculously fun day I spent at Galindo Elementary this week. The always-charming Diane Collier knows precisely how to make an author feel loved, from the sign in the parking lot (glitter!) to the projects lining the hallways. What a wonderful way to welcome the springtime!

And, you know, with enough flowers around, even the dirty laundry piles smell a little fresher.






IMG_2499   IMG_2495

IMG_2489   IMG_2492


My designated parking spot!

My designated parking spot!

IMG_2486 IMG_2487


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