How Can I Thank You, Dear Author? Here’s How!

As an author, I am frequently asked to contribute copies of my books to charity events, or schools in need, or to Skype to a class or book club, etc. I am totally delighted to do such things when I am able! (Another post someday: how I actually buy all those donated copies with my on money, and pay to mail them. So, yeah. My ability has limits.)

Sometimes the recipients of such gifts of time/talent/treasure are very gracious, and say thank you in charming ways. But a writer friend wrote a blog spot on the very BEST ways to thank an author! It was so spot-on, I’ll link to it here:

Erin Dionne’s How to Thank an Author in 15 Minutes or Less!

Go check it out! And the next time an author hangs out with your Scout troop or whatever, you’ll know precisely the best way to say thank you! After the chocolate, that is.

You all knew about the mandatory chocolate author gifts, yes?


Author Gifts!!!

Author Gifts!!!

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