The Spirit of Texas List: A Texas-Sized Bundle of Cool Stuff!

I was super excited and humbled to be invited to participate in TLA’s Spirit of Texas Middle School list this year. Texas librarians know how to make an author feel loved – and this list makes it clear that teachers should be feeling the love, too, since the “goodies” that come along with this list are for teachers and their students!


Curious? Click through to the site and watch a video or two (including the brand new Nightingale’s Nest book trailer the committee created!), and check out all the incredible, professional curriculum they made up to go with all three of my books. ALL THREE. I’m in Heaven.

Years ago I was a teacher, and I would have LOVED to have material like this already prepared.  It thrills me to think that teachers might be able to use my books more easily in the classroom, now that this material is out there.

Thank you so much to the entire Spirit of Texas committee, and Uber Librarian Amanda Galliton in particular! Texas’ motto in Friendship, and you sure know how to show that to a home-grown author.

Have a great week!

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  1. Wow, what a fantastic video, Nikki! You are such a pro! I did my first author’s present-to-camera last week, and while I thought it had gone quite well, it was nothing compared to this! I am sure that teachers and librarians will just love to see something of the writer that has given them such gorgeous books. And I love how you are grinning from ear to ear all through telling everyone that they’ll cry their way through Wish Girl. That’s the warped mind of an author at work for sure!
    Well done – so impressed.
    Caroline x


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