New Year’s Wish

Happy 2017, friends!


I have been away in paradise, and came back with jet lag and a muddled sense of time. (Fiji time is addictive – no deadlines, no worries, no stress. Bliss!) So far this year, I’ve unpacked, written a few chapters that MIGHT even be good, and taught youth group and Sunday school.

A lot of people make resolutions at the start of a new year, and I do, too – writing ones, anyway. (I’ll be making that list this weekend at a writing retreat! Lodge of Death, here I come.) But this year I chose a word, an intention, as well:



(Even more fun: “Light” followed by a drawn heart. #light<3 !)

I hope this year to remember to be lighthearted, and to turn to the light when times seem dark. To be a bringer of light into dark places. To remember the Light of the world. To shine my own light, even when it’s raining. This little light of mine?

I’m gonna let it shine. Because even on a stormy day, a little light can make a miracle.


Here’s a year full of rainbows, miracles, stories, and light. Write on!

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