A Valentine for You: The Youngest Marcher Giveaway

My friends, I am filled with love for all of you! And because I am in such a loving mood, I am going to give one of you an incredible gift: a signed first edition of Cynthia Levinson‘s The Youngest Marcher.

The Youngest Marcher by Cynthia Levinson

Illustrated by Vanessa Brantley Newton, this picture book tells the story of Audrey Faye Hendricks, a young civil rights activist who went to jail in Birmingham during the children’s marches. She was one of many! The jails filled with children, and eventually these marches helped break the back of institutionalized segregation.


Cynthia’s books are amazing – if you haven’t read her book We’ve Got a Job, you need to drop everything and read it now. If you want a book for any age that can show you exactly what civil disobedience and peaceful protest can do – even when the protestors are under 10 years old- Cynthia’s books are the best.


So, how do you enter? Well, leave a comment on this post along with a valid email address by February 13, telling me why you or your child or your school or library needs this book! I will ask my husband to pick his favorite comment on Valentine’s Day, and it’s yours! (High likelihood of extra prizes, folks. Because LOVE!)

*This is open to anyone in North America. You don’t have to be a librarian or teacher, just need the book.

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  1. Rachel McInnes

    I have 2 nieces and a nephew that live in New Waverly which is a very small town north of Conroe. I have sent them many books over the years and even a few to add to their school library…this is one I would really like for them to have. I would imagine that some small towns sometimes feel a bit left out when it comes to some of the recent happenings. Books like this can bring about discussion that has hopefully been brewing but hasn’t had the opportunity to be expressed.

    Whoever wins is possibly going to put this book in the hands of someone that could change history.


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