March Fun: Book Launches, School Visits, & Lovely Words

Spring Break! It’s finally here, and I had a great time wrapping up last week visiting schools and celebrating book releases with friends. Tomorrow I’m off to get some new baby chicks for our new coop (pictures in the next post, I promise!), so today I’ll just put a few pictures and some of the loveliest words a teacher has ever said about me. (Much better than the words my own teachers wrote in my report cards long ago: “Nikki talks too much” and “Nikki distracts her classmates” and “Nikki’s behavior is…” You know what? Never mind. It’s Spring Break and I don’t have to think about those old teachers any more. They were obviously so, so wrong about me. I was always perfectly well-behaved.) In any case, here are the sweetest words a teacher named Cynthia wrote about my author visit to Menchaca Elementary.

     “Nikki Loftin is an amazing presenter. I have been a teacher for 24 years, and she is absolutely the best children’s author that I have had the pleasure of seeing present to students and teachers. She kept the entire audience completely captivated for the duration of the 45 minute performance. Her pacing, graphic aids, and delivery were impeccable. I would highly recommend Nikki Loftin to come and present to intermediate elementary students. She has a very twisted sense of humor that children and adults can adore. Thank you, Nikki, for sharing your gift with us!”  –  Cynthia Alba Love, February 2017

And here are some pictures from my latest school visit at Wooldridge Elementary in Austin. Huge thanks to Librarian Extraordinaire Elizabeth Benfield-Mikeska for inviting me!

Best front door decoration I’ve seen!

Wish Girl love!

Peter and Annie in the valley. <3 this so much…

And I love YOU kids, Wooldridge Quails!

I left a little something in the Little Free Library right outside on my way home! Wonder who found it?


And last but not least, I had the fun of celebrating with my good friend and Texas Sweetheart  P J Hoover on the release of her newest novel, Tut: My Epic Battle to Save the World. I adore this gal, and her books.

Now, go read something! And check back in later for BABY CHICK PICTURES!!!


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