TxLA 2017 Conference: Photos Galore!

Wow! I think I just now caught up on my email/sleep/healthy food backlog after the utterly stupendous TxLA conference in San Antonio last week. It was as fun as I had hoped, and I met so many librarians, authors, and readers – even young ones who somehow convinced librarians and/or relatives to check them out of school!

If you haven’t been to this conference, and you are a book lover, you should go.


Thanks to Penguin Random house for bringing me!

Selfie with YA Author Kara Thomas

Hanging with Akiko White and the CAKE at the Texas Sweethearts reception.

No TLA is complete without a selfie with Shelli Cornelison!

Book Lover Stacey Rattner came all the way from New York to smile and leap with Texas authors!

Eat, Drink (root beer), and Be Merry with young readers like Emma. She looked DELICIOUS!

I got to meet Mike Jung!

And see Jessica Lee Anderson’s new book… about BIG FOOT.

Leslea Newman’s newest PB, Sparkle Boy, is now in my collection…

Erin Entrada Kelly gave me side eye that made me giggle (but she signed my book, so we’re good)…

So many librarians! Cheryl Michulka of SPOT fame stood for a selfie…

… as did two of my fave Austin librarians, Celeste and Kate…

Celebrating new books with writer friends is always the highlight, though. Christina Soontornvat’s next Changelings book is coming this fall!!

I can’t wait to go back… although I can’t imagine better swag than what I got this year…



Why I was there! The Spirit of Texas Middle School list – a thousand thank yous to Texas librarians who selected my books!

Happy Spring, friends! I hope you have as many great books to read as I do… and as many good friends to share them with.


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